Wound Gallery

Elizabeth A. Ayello, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CWON, MAPWCA, FAAN

1.  What is the most likely diagnosis of this recently debrided ulcer on the plantar surface of the foot?


A.  Pressure ulcer

B.  Arterial ulcer

C.  Diabetic ulcer

D.  Venous ulcer

2.  Using the International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) classification system, what type of skin tear is seen here on the upper extremity?


A.  Type I

B.  Type 2

C.  Type 3

D.  Type 4

3.  Given that this patient has gangrene of his forefoot, what is the most likely etiology?


A.  Arterial disease

B.  Venous disease

C.  Necrotizing fasciitis

D.  Pyoderma gangrenosum

4.  During a skin assessment, you discover the brownish-purplish dry area on the upper extremities; you suspect that this is:


A.  melanoma.

B.  pyoderma.

C.  basal cell carcinoma.

D.  senile purpura.

5.  Using the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), this ulcer is classified as:


A.  stage I.

B.  stage III.

C.  unstageable.


6.  What do you think is the etiology of these multiple wounds on the fingers?


A.  Frostbite

B.  Eczema

C.  Drug injection injury

D.  Necrotizing fasciitis

7.  What are these white area of tissue called?


A.  Biofilm

B.  Granulation island buds

C.  Slough

D.  Eschar

8.  What do you think is the underlying etiology of this wound?


A.  Pressure

B.  Renal failure

C.  Sickle cell disease

D.  Ischemia

9.  Which of the following best describes this patient’s legs?


A.  Lymphedema with fibrosis

B.  Lipedema

C.  Melanoma

D.  Scleroderma

10.  What is the primary etiology of this skin injury?


A.  Pressure ulcer

B.  Skin tear

C.  Gluteal cleft injury

D.  Moisture-associated skin damage

11.  This patient presents with ulcerative lesions and provides a history of working as an itinerant field laborer. What is the most likely diagnosis?


A.  Buruli ulcer

B.  Blastomycosis

C.  Montezuma ulcer

D.  Traumatic abrasions

12.  Based upon the tissue appearance and clinical findings, the BEST diagnosis is:


A.  gas gangrene.

B.  infected postsurgical wound.

C.  necrotizing cellulitis.

D.  necrotizing fasciitis.

13.  Despite the clinical findings that suggest carcinoma, tissue biopsy is indicated to establish a definitive diagnosis. Based on histopathology, which location would be the best choice to perform tissue biopsy?


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