Standards of Gerontological Nursing Practice

Standards of Gerontological Nursing Practice

The standards of gerontological nursing practice are authoritative statements that identify the responsibilities for which gerontological nurses are accountable, reflect the values and priorities of gerontological nursing, are written in measurable terms, and provide a framework for the evaluation of gerontological nursing practice. The standards remain stable over time as they reflect the philosophical values of the nursing profession and specialty.

The standards are divided into two sections: the Standards of Practice and the Standards of Professional Performance. The Standards of Practice describe the application of the steps of the nursing process within practice:

  • Assessment

  • Diagnosis

  • Outcomes identification

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation

The development and maintenance of a therapeutic, holistic, nurseolder adult and family relationship are essential throughout the nursing process. The nursing process forms the foundation of clinical decision-making and encompasses all significant actions taken by the gerontological nurse in providing care for older adults, their families, and significant others. The gerontological nurse is adept at:

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