Nutrition in childhood

Nutrition in childhood


Figure 54.1 Nutritional assessment


Figure 54.2 The importance of good nutrition

Importance of good nutritional assessment

This chapter focuses on the nursing assessment of children’s and young people’s nutrition, both when healthy and when ill. Assessment of children’s and young people’s nutritional status is important in order to plan and evaluate care. Poor nutrition complicates many diseases of childhood and affects both the physical and psychological well-being of children and young people.

In order to facilitate a good understanding of nutrition, Figure 54.1 contains a list of questions nurses could use when assessing children and young people. It is crucial that the nurse has a sound grasp of ‘normal’ development (see Chapters 59 and 60).

Nutrition in the under-fives

Healthy young children have a high energy requirement because of their rapid growth and increasing activity. As the young child becomes more independent and adept at holding a spoon or drinking from a beaker, this is the time to introduce variety. As they have small stomachs, it is advisable to offer small frequent meals. To help prevent dental caries there should be restriction of sugary snacks such as fizzy drinks and sweets.

Table 54.1 Calorie intake for children

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Calories per day
Age (years) Boys Girls
1–3 1230 1165
4–6 1715 1545
7–10 1970 1740
11–14 2220 1845