Tracheostomy: Stoma Care and Management

Tracheostomy: Stoma Care and Management


  • Assess medical record for previous history of the child’s condition, current healthcare status, and for a summary of care needs in relation to tracheostomy.

  • Explain the procedure to the child and the family.

  • Determine the family’s ability to perform procedure and, if appropriate, have the family perform this procedure.

  • Determine the need for distraction measures to be implemented with the child to enhance cooperation during the procedure.

  • Assess condition of the stoma for redness, swelling, character of secretions, granulation, presence of purulence, or bleeding.

  • Assess the condition of the skin under the tie area.

  • Assess neck range of motion.

  • Assess the child’s breath sounds and work of breathing.

  • Suction the child before initiating tracheostomy care (see Chapter 103).

  • Ensure that the equipment is available at the bedside for use if the child requires suctioning, ventilatory breaths, or recannulation.

imageMaintenance of adequate hydration is of utmost importance in a child with a tracheostomy to prevent crusting and secretions around the trachea.

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