Top 10 Fast Facts for Thriving in a Changing Workplace (and 12 More for Managing It!)


Top 10 Fast Facts for Thriving in a Changing Workplace (and 12 More for Managing It!)



Thriving in a changing workplace does not happen by chance. In a thriving workplace, nurse managers possess high levels of self-awareness, set the tone for excellence in practice, and require values-driven healthy workplace relationships to achieve a healing environment and therapeutic practice setting. When nurse managers thrive, so do staff. The Top 10 Fast Facts included in this chapter offer key strategies for thriving as opposed to just surviving on both a personal and a managerial level.


In this chapter, you will learn:

1.    Top ten personal tips for thriving in a changing workplace

2.    Top twelve management tips for creating a thriving workplace


1. Choose Your Attitude, Wisely

You have the power to choose your attitude. When you choose a positive attitude, you change the quality of your future.

2. Take Care of Yourself.

If you do not take care of yourself, who will? You cannot adequately lead and manage a thriving workplace and create a happy home life if you do not have harmony at work. Get help if you need it. You are, after all, only human! Start small by taking relaxing baths, slowly build up to Mediterranean cruises!

3. Get Your Priorities Straight

At the end of the day, what really matters most? Reflect on your values and determine if your personal values match your workplace values.

4. Pick Your Battles; You Can’t Win Them All

Ask yourself this: “Is this the hill I want to die on?” Try to identify what you can control or influence. If you cannot do either, move on.

5. Remember the Three R’s: Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for Your Organization

Reflect on the actions required to demonstrate R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Do you require being treated with respect? How respectful are you of others?

6. Focus on Today. Yesterday Is History; Tomorrow Is a Mystery

Today is all that you have.

7. “Be the Change You Wish to See” (Gandhi) and Inspire It in Others

Walk the talk; do what you say you will; treat others the way you wish to be treated. Live your values!

8. The Best Way to Predict Your Future Is to Create It

Determine what you want in your future, and then set about to create it!

9. Cultivate or Resurrect Your Sense of Humor

Well-placed humor is both infectious and therapeutic. If you have a sense of humor, use it. If you do not, that’s okay too. Appropriate laughter in the workplace becomes conspicuous by its absence. When staff members say, “We never laugh here anymore,” it is time to find ways to lighten up. Grab a teaspoon and prepare to administer a dose of levity. After all, laughter is good medicine!

10. Don’t Wait for Others to Change; You Go First!

If you are holding your breath waiting for others to change their behavior, two things will happen:

1.    They will not change, and

2.    You will turn blue!

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