Seven- to Ten-Year Visit (School Age)


Seven- to Ten-Year Visit (School Age)

Elizabeth Godfrey Terry

Appendicitis, unspecified, K37

Asthma, J45

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type, F90.2

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly hyperactive type, F90.1

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly inattentive type, F90.0

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, unspecified type, F90.9

Cardiac murmur, unspecified, R01.1

Chickenpox (varicella), B01

Cystic fibrosis, E84

Dermatophytosis, unspecified, B35.9

Disturbances in tooth eruption, K00.6

Encounter for examination for adolescent development state, Z00.3

Heart disease, unspecified, I51.9

Hypertrophy of breast, N62

Impetigo, unspecified, L01.00

Irregular menstruation, unspecified, N92.6

Measles without complication, B05.9

Mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use, F10–F19

Mumps without complication, B26.9

Myopia, bilateral, H52.13

Nightmares, F51.5

Nonorganic encopresis, F98.1

Nonorganic enuresis, F98.0

Osteochondropathy, unspecified of unspecified site, M93.90

Other childhood emotional disorders, F93.8

Other developmental disorders of scholastic skills, F81.89

Other juvenile osteochondrosis of hip and pelvis, unspecified leg, M91.80

Other voice and resonance disorders, R49.8

Rubella without complication, B06.9

Scabies, B86

Scoliosis, M41

Separation anxiety disorder of childhood, F93.0

Sickle-cell disorders, D57

Sleep apnea, unspecified, G47.30

Sleep disorders, G47

Sleep terrors (night terrors), F51.4

Sleepwalking (somnambulism), F51.3

Social phobia, unspecified, F40.10

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