Nursing Care of Preschoolers

Chapter 32

Nursing Care of Preschoolers

Growth and Development

Developmental Timetable

Five Years

Physical: height and weight increase similar to previous year



Vocalization and socialization

Mental abilities (Piaget’s phase of intuitive thought)

Health Promotion of Preschoolers

Hospitalization of Preschoolers

General Nursing Care of Preschoolers

Health Problems Most Common in Preschoolers


Data Base

Cancer of blood-forming organs; overproduction of immature, nonfunctioning leukocytes

Incidence: most common type of childhood cancer; prognosis is improving


Clinical findings

Therapeutic interventions

1. Chemotherapy: protocols for AML and ALL are different; each protocol is based on child and disease factors (see Chapter 3, Integral Aspects of Nursing Care, Neoplastic Disorders, Related Pharmacology)

2. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT); not performed during first remission

3. Transfusions to replace and provide needed blood factors (e.g., RBCs, platelets, WBCs)

Nursing Care of Children with Leukemia


1. Encourage adjustment to chronic illness; stress need for maintaining lifestyle

2. Identify perception of illness and death based on level of understanding

3. Support while experiencing side effects of medications; administer prescribed antiemetics (e.g., ondansetron) before chemotherapy

4. Encourage adequate nutrition despite anorexia; provide preferred foods, even hot dogs

5. Teach infection prevention: hand washing; avoiding contact with those with active infections; avoiding crowded places

6. Handle gently to reduce pain, risk for hemorrhage

7. Use pain rating scale and medicate appropriately

8. Provide gentle oral hygiene: use soft-tipped applicator; saline mouth rinses; offer soft, bland foods; cool liquids/food rather than cold or hot

9. Provide for frequent rest periods; quiet play

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