Modified Rankin Scale (MRS)



The Modified Rankin Scale (MRS) is a quick screen staging tool considered to be a single-item global outcome scale for use with stroke populations. The scale describes 6 grades of disability that are common to stroke patients (0 to 5) with 0 being no symptoms and 5 considered severe disability. During assessment, information about the client is obtained through observation and interview. The practitioner then uses that information to quantify an individual’s level of participation as well as functional mobility against the inclusion/exclusion criteria of the 5 stages. The original scale, developed by Rankin (1950), was later modified by Warlow et al. (1988) to include a grade 0, as well as further refinements to grade 1 to include “no significant disability: able to carry out all usual duties,” as well as to grade 2 to encompass “slight disability: unable to carry out some of previous activities” (Van Swieten, Koudstaal, Visser, Schouten, & van Gijn, 1988). The MRS can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

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