Medication Administration: Enteral

Medication Administration: Enteral


  • Refer to Chapters 38 and 39 for assessment and preparation for enteral tube use.

  • Determine the child’s height and weight. Accurate determination of weight ensures correct dosage of medications.

  • Assess the child’s and the family’s previous experience with enteral medications.

  • Prepare the child, as appropriate to cognitive level, and family before administration.

  • Provide therapeutic play as indicated, or involve a child-life specialist, to allow the child to work through his or her fears and master control of the situation.

  • Explain the medication’s actions and side effects and administration procedure.

  • Teach the family how to administer medications to the child, if necessary, in preparation for discharge from the hospital.

  • Assess for drug allergies; if present, notify healthcare prescriber of drug allergy. Label the child’s record and apply identification band indicating allergies.

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