Incentive Spirometry

Incentive Spirometry


  • Obtain baseline respiratory assessment, including:

    • Previous IS measurements obtained to assist in determining current treatment goals

    • Arterial blood gas results, if available

  • Obtain child’s height and weight to assist in determining low/high inspiratory capacity.

  • Assess both child’s and family’s readiness to learn and determine whether any barriers to learning exist. Determine whether child and family can learn to perform the treatment independently.

  • If the child is a surgical candidate, provide preoperative instruction to the child and family to facilitate use of the incentive spirometer, directed coughing and deep breathing postoperatively.

imageKidKare Send incentive spirometer home with the child before surgery to provide a time for practice. Both child and family caregivers will have an opportunity to become comfortable with the equipment and the technique during this time.

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