Bed Bath

Bed Bath

A complete bed bath cleans the skin, stimulates circulation, provides mild exercise, and promotes comfort. Bathing also allows assessment of skin condition, joint mobility, and muscle strength. Depending on the patient’s overall condition and duration of hospitalization, he may have a complete or partial bath daily. A partial bath, including hands, face, axillae, back, genitalia, and anal region, can replace the complete bath for the patient with dry, fragile skin or extreme weakness and can supplement the complete bath for the diaphoretic or incontinent patient.

Preparation of Equipment

Adjust the temperature of the patient’s room, and close any doors or windows to prevent drafts and provide privacy. Determine the patient’s preference for skin cleaner or other hygiene aids because some patients are allergic to soap or prefer bath oil or lotions. Gather the equipment on an overbed table or bedside stand.

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