Crede’s Maneuver

Crede’s Maneuver

When lower motor neuron damage impairs the voiding reflex, the bladder may become flaccid or areflexic. Because the bladder fails to contract properly, urine collects inside it, causing distention. Crede’s maneuver—application of manual pressure over the lower abdomen—promotes complete emptying of the bladder. After appropriate instruction, the patient can perform the maneuver himself, unless he can’t reach his lower abdomen or lacks sufficient strength and dexterity. Even when performed properly, however, Crede’s maneuver isn’t always successful and doesn’t always eliminate the need for catheterization.

Crede’s maneuver can’t be used after abdominal surgery if the incision isn’t completely healed. When using Crede’s maneuver, close monitoring of urine output is necessary to help detect possible infection from accumulation of residual urine.

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