Urine Glucose and Ketone Tests

Urine Glucose and Ketone Tests

Reagent strip tests are used to monitor urine glucose and ketone levels and to screen for diabetes. Urine ketone tests monitor fat metabolism, help diagnose carbohydrate deprivation and diabetic ketoacidosis, and help distinguish between diabetic and nondiabetic coma. Urine glucose testing isn’t as accurate as blood glucose testing, and should be used only when blood glucose testing isn’t available. However, testing for ketones should be done when the patient is ill or glucose levels are elevated.1

Glucose oxidase tests (such as Diastix and Clinistix strips) produce color changes when patches of reagents implanted in handheld plastic strips react with glucose in the patient’s urine. Urine ketone strip tests (such as Keto-Diastix and Ketostix) are similar. All test results are read by comparing color changes with a standardized reference chart.

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