Test-Taking Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies

Cathy Haut

  • Preparation for test taking can be extremely stressful and cause considerable anxiety.

  • Successful personal skills for test preparation are important to use first prior to adopting new processes.

  • Skills for taking a certification examination include critical thinking and clinical decision making.

  • Most certification examinations are multiple choice in construction and test content that has been presented throughout the educational program and clinical experiences.

  • Taking a certification examination is the culmination of educational experience as a graduate student. In most cases, certification examinations are linked to state licensure and credentialing. Didactic coursework and clinical experiences have provided the best preparation for the examination; however, content review, studying, and practice examinations may be important to reinforce important information and support new knowledge.

Time Management

  • Prepare at an alert time of the day, in an environment that is conducive to study and memory.

  • Create a life calendar and schedule time to study.

  • Study time should be protected from other distractions such as television, email, or the phone.

  • Schedule breaks from studying to include physical activity, pleasure activities, and rest.

  • Plan study time over weeks rather than days. Once the educational program is completed, allow adequate time to unwind, celebrate, and plan the “next steps.”

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