Suture Removal

Suture Removal

The goal of this procedure is to remove skin sutures from a healed wound without damaging newly formed tissue. The timing of suture removal depends on the shape, size, and location of the sutured incision; the absence of inflammation, drainage, and infection; and the patient’s general condition. For a sufficiently healed wound, sutures are typically removed 7 to 10 days after insertion.

Techniques for removal depend on the method of suturing, but all require sterile technique to prevent contamination. Although sutures usually are removed by a doctor, in many facilities, a nurse may remove them on the doctor’s order.

Preparation of Equipment

Gather all equipment in the patient’s room. Check the expiration date on each sterile package and inspect for tears. Open the waterproof trash bag, and place it near the patient’s bed. Position the bag properly to avoid reaching across the sterile field or the suture line when disposing of soiled articles. Form a cuff on the bag by turning down the top to provide a wide opening and prevent contamination of instruments or gloves by touching the bag’s edge.

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