Sterile Technique, Basic

Sterile Technique, Basic

Sterile technique is used to prevent contamination with microbes, preventing infection. It’s used in conjunction with other procedures and isn’t a procedure in itself. Sterile technique should be followed any time the patient’s skin is intentionally perforated, during procedures that involve entry into a sterile body cavity, or when coming into contact with nonintact skin resulting from trauma or surgery. Procedures requiring sterile technique include inserting a urinary catheter, inserting an IV catheter, dispensing and administering IV drugs, and changing surgical dressings. A patient with a compromised immune system (such as a burn patient or a patient who has just had an organ transplant or is receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy) also requires sterile technique, even for some procedures that would normally require only clean technique.

Preparation of Equipment

Gather all the equipment in the patient’s room. Check each package carefully and discard any that has a hole or tear or is wet.1 Note the expiration date and discard any package that’s beyond that date.1 Make sure that the sterilization tape has turned the appropriate color. (See your facility’s policy; color depends on the product used and sterilization method.) Prepare a clean surface to set up the equipment for the sterile procedure.

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