Standards of Professional Performance

Standards of Professional Performance


The transplant nurse systematically enhances the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice.

Measurement Criteria:

The transplant nurse:

  • Demonstrates quality by documenting the application of the nursing process in a responsible, accountable, and ethical manner.

  • Uses the results of quality improvement activities to initiate changes in nursing practice and in the healthcare delivery system.

  • Uses creativity and innovation in nursing practice to improve care delivery.

  • Incorporates new knowledge to initiate changes in nursing practice if desired outcomes are not achieved.

  • Obtains and maintains professional certification.

  • Designs quality improvement initiatives.

  • Implements initiatives to evaluate the need for change.

  • Evaluates the practice environment in relation to existing evidence, identifying opportunities for the generation and use of research.

  • Participates in quality improvement activities. Such activities may include:

    • Identifying aspects of practice important for quality monitoring.

    • Using indicators developed to monitor quality and effectiveness of nursing practice.

    • Collecting data to monitor quality and effectiveness of nursing practice.

    • Analyzing quality data to identify opportunities for improving nursing practice.

    • Formulating recommendations to improve nursing practice or outcomes.

    • Implementing activities to enhance the quality of nursing practice.

    • Developing, implementing, and evaluating policies, procedures and guidelines to improve the quality of practice.

    • Participating on interprofessional teams to evaluate clinical care or health services.

    • Participating in efforts to minimize costs and unnecessary duplication.

    • Analyzing factors related to safety, satisfaction, effectiveness, and cost-benefit options.

    • Analyzing organizational systems for barriers.

    • Implementing processes to remove or decrease barriers within organizational systems.


The transplant nurse attains knowledge and competency that reflects current nursing practice.

Measurement Criteria:

The transplant nurse:

  • Participates in ongoing educational activities related to appropriate knowledge bases and professional issues.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning through selfreflection and inquiry to identify learning needs.

  • Seeks experiences that reflect current practice in order to maintain skills and competence in clinical practice or role performance.

  • Acquires knowledge and skills appropriate to the specialty area, practice setting, role, or situation.

  • Maintains professional records that provide evidence of competency and lifelong learning.

  • Seeks formal and independent learning activities, and experiences to maintain and develop clinical and professional skills and knowledge.

  • Uses current healthcare research findings and other evidence to expand clinical knowledge, enhance role performance, and increase knowledge of professional issues.

  • Obtains and maintains professional certification.


The transplant nurse evaluates one’s own nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statutes, rules, and regulations.

Measurement Criteria:

The transplant nurse:

  • Applies knowledge of current practice standards, guidelines, statutes, rules, and regulations into practice.

  • Provides age- and developmentally appropriate care in a culturally and ethnically sensitive manner.

  • Engages in self-evaluation of practice on a regular basis, identifying areas of strength as well as areas in which professional development would be beneficial.

  • Obtains informal feedback regarding one’s own practice from patients, peers, professional colleagues, and others.

  • Participates in systematic peer review as appropriate.

  • Takes action to achieve goals identified during the evaluation process.

  • Provides rationales for practice beliefs, decisions, and actions as part of the informal and formal evaluation processes.

  • Engages in a formal process seeking feedback regarding role performance from individuals, professional colleagues, representatives, administrators of corporate entities, and others.


The transplant nurse interacts with, and contributes to the professional development of, peers, colleagues, and others.

Measurement Criteria:

The transplant nurse:

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