Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate

(soe’ dee um)

Parenteral: Neut

Prescription and OTC preparations: Bell/ans



Drug Classes



Systemic alkalinizer

Urinary alkalinizer

Therapeutic Actions

Increases plasma bicarbonate; buffers excess hydrogen ion concentration; raises blood pH; reverses the clinical manifestations of acidosis; increases the excretion of free base in the urine, effectively raising the urinary pH; neutralizes or reduces gastric acidity, resulting in an increase in the gastric pH, which inhibits the proteolytic activity of pepsin.


  • Treatment of metabolic acidosis, with measures to control the cause of the acidosis

  • Adjunctive treatment in severe diarrhea with accompanying loss of bicarbonate

  • Treatment of certain drug intoxications, hemolytic reactions that require alkalinization of the urine; prevention of methotrexate nephrotoxicity by alkalinization of the urine

  • Minimization of uric acid crystalluria in gout, with uricosuric agents

  • Minimization of sulfonamide crystalluria

  • Oral: Symptomatic relief of upset stomach from hyperacidity associated with peptic ulcer, gastritis, peptic esophagitis, gastric hyperacidity, hiatal hernia

  • Oral: Prophylaxis of GI bleeding, stress ulcers, aspiration pneumonia

  • To reduce the incidence of chemical phlebitis and patient discomfort due to vein irritation at or near the infusion site by raising the pH of IV acid solutions

Available Forms

Injection—0.9, 1.0 mEq/mL; neutralizing additive solution—0.48, 0.5 mEq/mL; tablets—325, 650 mg



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