Sitz Bath

Sitz Bath

A sitz bath involves immersion of the pelvic area in warm or hot water. It is used to relieve discomfort, especially after perineal or rectal surgery or childbirth. The bath promotes wound healing by cleaning the perineum and anus, increasing circulation, and reducing inflammation. It also helps relax local muscles.

To be performed correctly, the sitz bath requires frequent checks of water temperature to ensure therapeutic effects as well as correct draping of the patient during the bath and prompt dressing after it to prevent vasoconstriction.

Preparation of Equipment

Make sure the sitz tub, portable sitz bath, or regular bathtub is clean and disinfected. Or obtain a disposable sitz bath kit from the central supply department.

Position the bath mat next to the bathtub, sitz tub, or commode. If you’re using a tub, place the rubber mat on its surface to prevent falls. Place the rubber ring on the bottom of the tub to serve as a seat for the patient, and cover the ring with a towel for comfort. Keeping the patient elevated improves water flow over the wound site and avoids unnecessary pressure on tender tissues.

If you’re using a commercial kit, open the package and familiarize yourself with the equipment.

Fill the sitz tub or bathtub one-third to one-half full so that the water will reach the seated patient’s umbilicus. Use warm water (94° to 98°F [34.4° to 36.7°C]) for relaxation or wound cleaning and healing and hot water (110° to 115°F [43.3° to 46.1°C]) for heat application. Run the water slightly warmer than desired because it will cool while the patient prepares for the bath. Measure the water temperature using the bath thermometer.

If you’re using a commercial kit, fill the basin to the specified line with water at the prescribed temperature. Place the basin under the commode seat, clamp the irrigation tubing to block water flow, and fill the irrigation bag with water of the same temperature as that in the basin. To create flow pressure,
hang the bag above the patient’s head on a hook, towel rack, or IV pole.

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