Preoperative Skin Preparation

Preoperative Skin Preparation

Proper preparation of the patient’s skin for surgery renders it as free as possible from microorganisms, which reduces the risk of infection at the incision site.1 This procedure doesn’t duplicate or replace the full sterile preparation that immediately precedes surgery. Before any surgical procedure, the patient should have two preoperative showers with chlorhexidine gluconate to reduce the number of microorganisms on the skin and decrease the risk of contaminating the surgical incision.1

Hair should not be removed from the area surrounding the operative site unless it’s thick enough to interfere with surgery because hair removal may increase the risk of infection. If hair is removed, use electric clippers. Clipping hair should occur immediately before an operation to decrease the risk of surgical
site infection.1,2,3,4 Each facility has a hair removal policy. (See Where to remove hair for surgery.)

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