IV Therapy Preparation

IV Therapy Preparation

Selection and preparation of appropriate equipment are essential for accurate delivery of an IV solution. The type of IV administration set used depends on the rate and type of infusion desired and the type of IV solution container used. Two types of drip sets are available: the macrodrip and the microdrip. The macrodrip set can deliver a solution in large quantities at rapid rates because it delivers a larger amount with each drop. The microdrip set, used for pediatric patients and certain adult patients who require
small or closely regulated amounts of IV solution, delivers a smaller quantity with each drop.

Although plastic bags are often used to hold IV fluids, there may be times when you’ll use a bottle as a container. Glass bottles are usually used to hold medications that are unstable in a plastic bag, such as nitroglycerin. The bottle may be vented or nonvented.

Administration tubing with a secondary injection port permits separate or simultaneous infusion of two solutions; tubing with a piggyback port and a backcheck valve permits intermittent infusion of a secondary solution and, on its completion, a return to infusion of the primary solution. Vented IV tubing is selected for solutions in nonvented bottles; nonvented tubing is selected for solutions in bags or vented bottles.1 Assembly of IV equipment requires sterile technique to prevent contamination.1

Preparation of Equipment

Perform hand hygiene to prevent introducing contaminants during preparation.2,3,4,5,6 Verify the type, volume, and expiration date of the IV solution. Discard outdated solution. Squeeze the bag to detect leaks. If the solution is contained in a glass bottle, inspect the bottle for chips or cracks. Examine the IV solution for particles, abnormal discoloration, and cloudiness. If present, discard the solution and notify the pharmacy or dispensing department. If ordered, add medication to the solution, and place a completed medication-added label on the bag. Remove the administration set from its box, and check for cracks, holes, and missing clamps.

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