Hour-Of-Sleep Care

Hour-Of-Sleep Care

Hour-of-sleep care meets the patient’s physical and psychological needs in preparation for sleep. It includes providing for the patient’s hygiene, making the bed clean and comfortable, and ensuring safety. For example, raising the bed’s side rails can prevent the drowsy or sedated patient from falling out. This type of care also provides an opportunity to answer the patient’s questions about the next day’s tests and procedures and to discuss his worries and concerns.

Effective hour-of-sleep care prepares the patient for a good night’s sleep. Ineffective care may contribute to sleeplessness, which can intensify patient anxiety and interfere with treatment and recuperation.

Preparation of Equipment

Gather the equipment at the patient’s bedside. For the ambulatory patient who is capable of self-care, gather skin cleaner, a washcloth, a towel, and oral hygiene items at the sink.

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