Eye Compress Application

Eye Compress Application

Whether applied warm or cold, eye compresses are soothing and therapeutic. Because heat increases circulation which enhances absorption and decreases inflammation, warm compresses may relieve discomfort and promote drainage of superficial infections.

Typically, a cold compress should be applied for 20-minute periods, four to six times per day. Ocular infection requires the use of sterile technique.

Preparation of Equipment

Gather appropriate equipment and label all medications, medication containers, and other solutions.1

For A Warm Compress

Place a capped bottle of sterile water or normal saline solution in a basin of hot water or under a stream of hot tap water. Allow the solution to become warm (no higher than 120°F [49°C]). Pour the warm water or saline solution into a sterile basin, filling the basin about halfway. Place some sterile gauze pads in the basin.

For A Cold Compress

Place ice chips in a plastic bag (or a glove, if necessary) to make an ice pack. Keep the ice pack small to avoid excessive pressure on the eye. Remove excess air from the bag or glove, and seal or knot the open end. Cut a piece of hypoallergenic tape to secure the ice pack. Place all equipment on the bedside stand near the patient.

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